Dear Archimedes _

Day by day, he thought, she becomes more and more beautiful. When she is old, she will be the most beautiful girl in the world. He deceives the body, habitually goes to kiss her forehead; but she is stupefied, suddenly step back, stretch out the palm of the hand toward him, raise the chin proudly: "Where is the gift?" The little fellow looked like an insolent debt collector. He chuckled. He really owed her. He Nu Nu mouth: "This flower is not ah?" "You just said it yourself. It's a graduation gift." She knows the difference. "It's not a gift every time." He bent over her ear and tried to kiss her white earlobe, but he held back and whispered, "Of course I didn't forget. I'll give it to you later.". I can't see the effect now. His voice was deep and sexy, and it itched in Zhen Ai's ears. She nodded expectantly and asked, "Where is Yan Xiaosu?" Yan Su pulled the bear out of the car. Soon, Zhen Ai got in touch with Daisy. Most of the graduates are accompanied by their parents and families, almost everyone has flowers in their hands, and girls have dolls from friends. Zhen Ai looked around, everyone's bouquet is not as big as hers, and everyone's doll is only half as big as Yan Xiaoshu's. She was happy and proud,die casting parts, and hugged Yan Xiaosu more tightly. When Daisy came, she was startled and stared at Zhen Ai, who was drowned by the bear and the bouquet of flowers. "Who is this?" Zhen Ai slowly tilted his head and introduced: "S. A. Junior.". Yan Xiaosu 。” Daisy has a black line:.. You really have a name. Zhen Ai and her classmates went to take pictures, while Yan Su and Owen stood watching not far away. She is more restrained and not very natural in front of the camera. At most, she can only put a V in a dull way. When her classmates wanted to pose in exaggerated and sexy ways, she shook her head and waved her hand, fleeing desperately to the edge of the camera. Yan Su looked funny and sad. Owen sat on the hood of the car,deep draw stamping, looked at it for a while, then looked up and asked, "Did you solve Ai's code?" "Well, I gave her the titles of the 13 books.". She used the method her brother taught her to analyze the second layer of code. It's a coordinate, north of Alaska, on silverland island. "So far?" Owen was surprised and said business, "but S. A., I checked the 13 call numbers you said, and they don't exist at all." That's what I find strange, too. I logged on to the online library that day, and none of them existed, so I asked you to check it. I didn't expect this result. When I was twelve years old, CNC machining parts ,Steel investment casting, in order to exercise my memory, I wrote down the titles and call numbers of books in the Library of Congress. I'm pretty sure those 13 call numbers did exist, corresponding to the 13 titles I gave you. Owen shook his head. "But I checked it and it really didn't correspond. Could it be that you made a mistake?" "My memory will not be wrong." Yan Su is firm and confident, "If it is wrong, Zhen Ai's second step of decryption will also be wrong, and it will not come to the actual existence of silverland." "Maybe it's a coincidence that this password has come up with many wrong places before!" The words trace back to silence, a long time, the eyes look at him deeply: "This time, will not be a coincidence." "Have you seen L. J lately, Owen?" "Yes.". I heard she's been looking into Alex since five years ago. "I looked at the clues she had been looking for over the years, and the breakpoint was silverland." He withdrew his gaze and his face froze. "There must be something left by Alex on that island." Owen was stunned for a moment, but he had to wonder: "When Alex died, he said he was in a dilemma, and he said he was in S. P. A.". Controlled by the organization Is it Zhen Ai's brother who controls him? He would rather be blown up than tell the whereabouts of the 100 million, in order to let Zhen Ai's brother fail in the mission and be executed? He was noncommittal about Owen's speculation. He always felt that something was wrong, but he couldn't say it. And what makes him suspect most now still is those 13 book titles: "The call number that clearly exists, why to place empty together suddenly?" Owen: "What are you suspecting?" Yan did not answer, looking at Zhen Ai in the distance, the idea flashed through his mind again, the idea that had been lingering for months. Such a simple password, so many experts inside the CIA can not solve it? Impossible. 13 call numbers that disappeared into thin air? It's like someone broke the code, so they deliberately destroyed it. Mitigating traces has always been the CIA's forte. But why would they do that? What about S. P. A organizations? Killing Zhen Ai is easy, as can be seen from the deaths of her former agents. But in the face of such a powerful organization, she lived safe and sound for five years. Before the password was unlocked, Yan Su had thought, is it possible that this is his brother's way of protecting Zhen Ai? He designed a password that could not be solved at all, saying that the key was a memory between brother and sister, and that only Zhen Ai could solve it. The answer to this code is urgently needed by both the government and the organization. So as long as the answer to the riddle is not solved, Zhen Ai can continue to live safely. Obviously, the elder brother did not take into account the feelings of the leader of the organization for Zhen Ai. I didn't think about it until I saw the resentment in Arthur's eyes in the underground corridor of the bank that day, and I didn't know until I heard Zhen Ai crying in front of her mother's grave that day. He was sure that Arthur would not kill her, but many people were staring at the result of the password. Should I go on this trip or not? Still thinking, Zhen Ai jumped up in front of him with a big bear in her arms, one by one with her head up, perky. All the complicated thoughts in his mind were scattered. He loved every expression on her face. He couldn't help it for a moment. He lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. She closed and opened her eyes obediently and looked at him quietly and meekly. He brushed her long hair over her shoulder and asked, "No more playing?" "It's not fun. I don't like taking pictures." Her mouth shriveled. "There's nothing to remember." As soon as his heart moved, he took out his cell phone from his pocket, put his arms around her, pressed it close to her cheek, and asked,socket screw plug, "What if it's with me?" Zhen Ai is stupefied, his mobile phone has been held high. She saw that she was holding the big bear and staring in the shaking camera, while he was holding her and his chin was close to her temples.